Spanish I Honors



Spanish I Honors is an honors level class that will help prepare the student for real-life interactions in Spanish language.  This class will also prepare the student for upper-level Spanish classes and ultimately, the AP Spanish Language class.  The class will consist of learning grammatical structures and vocabulary, as well as listening, reading, speaking, and writing exercises. Students are expected to perform as well as they possibly can in these exercises whether or not the exercise is taken for a grade.

Since this is an honors class, the subject matter will be presented at a faster pace than a standard Spanish I class, and extra books, reading material, and vocabulary will be required.  Students need to be aware that reasonable out-of-class study time will have to be devoted to this subject in order to be successful in this class.

Students will have an opportunity to take the National Spanish Exam in the spring. There are awards and possible travel scholarships available for very high placers.

Class Materials:  

For this class, you will need a 3-ring binder, whether soft cover or hard.  You need to have 4 dividers labeled the following:  

        1) Vocabulary                          3) Handouts

        2)  Notes & Grammar                          4) Homework

Each student will be assigned a textbook and a “Mas Practica” workbook.  Each student will be expected to buy his or her own Spanish/ English dictionary and bring it to class daily.

Honors students will be required to have an additional workbook that I will order that will theirs to keep.

All students will be expected to have all books and workbooks, notebook, paper, and pens/pencils every day.

Class Fees

Class fee will be $25. This will cover the extra workbooks that honors classes use, class readers, and other normal class fees.


Grading is done on a total points system.  Major tests are worth 100 pt; quizzes can be anywhere from 10 pts. to 50 pts.  Homework is 10 pts. for an acceptably completed assignment, 5 pts. for partially done or poorly done work, and 0 for work not done or unacceptable work. Homework generally adds up to a 100 pt test grade at the end of the 9 weeks, so it does make a big difference in the overall grade.  Please take it seriously.  

*********You may check your grades on-line at any time by going to

Make Up Procedures/Late Work

It is your responsibility to make up all missing assignments.  You should always check with me any time you are absent to see what assignment, quiz, or test you may have missed and to schedule a time to make it up.  If you are here the day of a test that was previously announced, you must take the test, no matter if you missed the day before.

Beginning of Class

You should be in your seat when the tardy bell rings to avoid receiving a tardy slip. Once the tardy bell rings, you should immediately start on the bell work.  You should go to the bathroom, sharpen pencils, and obtain necessary materials before the bell rings.

Class will usually begin with bell work: vocabulary words, sentence translations, grammar notes that need to be copied, etc.  Make sure you check the screen or chalkboard as soon as you come into class.  

Leaving Class

You will not be allowed to leave the class without permission from me.  You are expected to go to the bathroom between classes and not during class.  You will only be allowed to go in emergency situations.  

You will be dismissed from class by me.  The bell does NOT dismiss you.  Everyone must be seated and quiet before I will allow the class to leave.


I expect everyone in my class to listen when I am speaking, to follow directions, to complete all homework and class assignments, and study for tests and quizzes.  If you do all these items, then you will be successful in this class.  I expect you to take responsibility for yourself and your actions, and I expect you to do what it takes to LEARN.

                                          DISCIPLINE PLAN

Treat everyone like you want to be treated!


Follow all Arlington High School rules!  (no hats, radios, CD’s, gum, cards, etc.)

    1. Follow directions.

    2. No profanity or teasing.

    3. No talking when the teacher is talking.

    4. Be on time and prepared for class with notebook, textbook, paper, and        

            pencil/ pen (black or blue ink only).

    5.  Stay in your assigned seat during class.



    1. Verbal praise.

    2. Possible shortening of homework/ assignments.

    3.  The best reward of all:  LEARNING.


    1. Warning.

    2. Teacher/ Student Conference.

    3.  Phone Call to Parent/ Guardian

    4. Discipline Referral sent to grade level administrator.

The following will result in an immediate referral:    

1.  profanity

2.  fighting

3.   leaving class without permission

4.  extreme insubordination


Class Description: